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11/05/06 - Version 2 is now up and running!
Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been working on a better layout and more content. Some sections are still under construction (ie Gallery, discography sections) but they'll be online soon. Also the Joseph microsite is now open!

Updated multimedia section and new photos added to gallery.
Remember, competitions ends on sunday - so send your enteries in to have a chance of winning!


Competition starts today in the forum and will end next sunday. Also some parts of the site will be unavailable for maintenance. Check out the new iPod mp3 player on the main page and the gallery is now online (added articles on Claire)


*Breaking news* Competition to enter download forum starts tomorrow
You have to register in the forum to find out more!

Today is launch day for AYAM. We've added downloads, updated discography and lots more so check it out!